2 FREE FEMALE GUINEA PIGS. in Duncan, British Columbia for sale

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Hello. My heart is hurting as I do this but ... I have 2 very adorable , gental female guinea pigs for free. I had named them wewe and fluffy. They cannot be put in the same cage! Wewe does not like wewe. They could harm eachother if they do! Wewe is a bit older then fluffy. Wewe also is short haired with brown amd white colouring. She loves attention and her chin, between her eyes rubbed. she will nip your finger. But not in a harmful way. She does that to help her growing teeth. But hates her back end touched. Fluffy is a long haired brown and white haired. She is very skiddish. We have been her only owners. She will sometimes come to you if you aproach her in a soft gental way. Very picky though. They only eat vita smart guinea pig food from pet smart. They lpve hay. I am unable to care for them they way that they need. I have a 6 month old and have a limited income. And want to see them go to a good home. Possibly together. As they have been together for a year and abit now. in separate cages!

Category:  Pets and Animals  |  Address:  Duncan British Columbia

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